On-site equipment

Laser cutter

The Universal Laser Systems PLS6.75 is a 75-Watt laser cutter with a 32” x 18” processing area (max. part size 37” x 23” x 9”) that can cut a variety of materials, including many plastics, paper, wood, and certain thin metal films. It can also engrave (but not cut) thicker metals.


The Jet BDB-1340A is a 13” x 40” lathe capable of cutting most inch and metric threads in aluminum. It can also cut steel, but only with great care.


The Tree UVR-C is a top-notch classic manual mill. We mostly cut aluminum, but the mill is capable of cutting steel as well. We have a large variety of end mills, face mills, drill bits, and taps.

CNC mill

The HAAS TM-1P CNC mill is a top-notch computer-controlled mill capable of cutting stainless steel as well as aluminum and other materials. We have a HAAS HRT-160SP fourth axis installed on the mill. All common tools needed to operate the mill are also present in the lab.

Water jet cutter

The Flow Mach 2b water jet cutter is capable of cutting not only through several inches thick stainless steel, but also through 100-μm thick glass without shattering it. By the nature of waterjet cutting, it can only cut two-dimensional shapes, but it has the major advantage that it is very easy to use.

Small machining equipment

We have a drill press, belt and disc sander, grinder, and a full collection of hand tools.

Electronics equipment

We have soldering stations and a surface-mount processing station. We have oscilloscopes, multimeters, and breadboards for prototyping and testing. We stock many common electronic parts.