Welcome to the Neurotechnology Center

Cutting-edge research in neuroscience relies on ever more sophisticated and complex research equipment. If your equipment needs extend beyond what is readily available commercially, the Caltech Neurotechnology Center may be able to help. At present, all of its services are offered free of charge to the Caltech Neuroscience community.

Who we are

The CNTC was founded upon an initiative by Markus Meister with support from David Anderson, Michael Dickinson, and others at Caltech. The CNTC is led by Daniel Wagenaar, a neuroscientist with experience in imaging, electrophysiology, and optical, mechanical, and software engineering. The CNTC is funded by the Beckman Institute, the Division of Biology and Biological Engineering, and the Office of the Provost.

Services offered

The CNTC’s focus is on all aspects of optics (microscopy) and electrophysiology. Within this broad area, we can assist with selecting commercially available equipment, help decide what parts of a setup to build in-house, collaboratively design and build custom equipment, and help with integrating multiple pieces of equipment together. Click here to learn more.

Visit us

The CNTC is located in room B166 in the Beckman Institute. Dr. Wagenaar can be reached by phone at x2178 (lab) or x8567 (office), or by email. I look forward to working with you!