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On-site equipment

Laser cutter (coming soon)

The Universal Laser Systems PLS6.75 is a 75-Watt laser cutter with a 32” x 18” processing area (max. part size 37” x 23” x 9”) that can cut a variety of materials, including many plastics, paper, wood, and thin metal films. It can also engrave (but not cut) thicker metals.


The Jet BDB-1340A is a 13” x 40” lathe capable of cutting most inch and metric threads.


The Grizzly G0722 is a basic mill most suitable for cutting aluminum. (We have access to a CNC mill for more demanding jobs.) We have a large variety of end mills, face mills, drill bits, and taps.

5D mill (coming soon)

The Roland MDX-650 is a small mill for high-precision operations. Thanks to the generosity of Michael Dickinson, an MDX-650 with rotation attachment will soon be available in the CNTC.

Small machining equipment

We have a drill press, belt and disc sander, grinder, and a full collection of hand tools.

Electronics equipment

We have soldering stations and a surface-mount processing station. We have oscilloscopes, multimeters, and breadboards for prototyping and testing. We stock many common electronic parts.

Off-site equipment

CNC mill

The CNTC has access to a Southwestern Industries Trak DPM mill located in the lab of Markus Meister.